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The Sweetness of Faith Lies in the Fruits of Knowledge
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  • 01/16/08--23:17: Fasting in Muharram
  • The month of Muharram is upon us! One great sunnah of this month is to fast the day of Ashoora, as well as the day before it--the 9th and 10th of Muharram. The reward for this is expiation of sins of the previous year, according to a hadith in Saheeh Muslim. And don't sin! The sin is multiplied in this month, too.

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  • 08/31/08--14:14: The Islamic Diet
  • We turn to the Qur'an for matters of fiqh, 'aqeedah and language, yet do we turn to the Qur'an for basic matters in our day to day lives? Did you know that the Qur'an outlines for us a special islamic diet? Learn the two extremes of eating, and how Allah ta'ala commands us to eat.

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    Should we follow the local moonsighting, or the international one? BOTH! Both opinions are correct; both are backed by the scholars of Islam. You are not kaafir, or a sinner, or anything at all, if you follow one or the other opinion. We discuss this issue in great detail; the appropriate attitude in Ramadan.

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    Can you pray Isha behind an imam praying taraweeh? The scholars differed on this; the better opinion insha'Allah is that YES, you CAN. What are the proofs? What about the refutation of the proofs of the side who says NO, you cannot (which includes the majority of companions)? In this post, we detail all of this. Based on a fatwa from Islam-QA.

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  • 10/23/08--15:03: The Reasons Behind Seasons
  • Why did Allah create seasons? All of this--snow, leaves changing, hot summer days and freezing winter nights. In some countries--like Canada, and the US--you have places where Isha time starts around 11pm, or 12am (midnight), and Fajr starts arond 2-3am! You also have days where Isha starts at 6pm, and Fajr starts around 7am. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) gave us a clue in one hadith.

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    Ramadan is coming. So are the dozens of opinions on when to start. Which one is right? Which one do you follow? Are multiple opinions even valid? We discuss these issues in this highly-emotional time, and tell you exactly what to do to pass through unscathed.

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  • 08/20/09--14:10: Ramadan Resource Bonanza!
  • We have a special treat for you--a guest post that lists tons and tons of ayaat and ahadith related to Ramadan; everything from intentions to fasting to how to recite Qur'an. You probably know a lot of these already, though you will definitely learn something new, insha'Allah!

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  • 09/19/09--20:27: Ramadan Retrospective
  • Ramadan just whizzed by, and now Eid is here! Did you do enough? Maybe not -- but with a few minutes spent writing a retrospective, you can make next Ramadan twice as good, insha'Allah. Drop by and read our post to see our tips, insha'Allah.

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    14 tips for finishing a month of Ramadan with a smashing success, inshaAllah, in dunya and in akhirah. By shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury.

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  • 08/07/15--13:35: To Do List After Ramadan
  • We graduated from the school of Ramadan. Stick to your good deeds and improve yourself. Start slow, and be consistent, which is the most beloved of deeds. Salah, siyaam, and sadaqah are great candidates to start out.